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Success is the achievement of our dreams, your goals, all the things you want, at the time you want, in the way you want. However, it’s not cheap, and it’s not free ~ Morongwa Makakane

Morongwa the Facilitator and Trainer

I conduct workshops and seminars to entrepreneurs and ordinary people on how to run a successful business and taking responsibility for your life and your destiny.

As a soft skills trainer and facilitator, I focus on both employees and leadership, concentrating on Personal Change and Development. I work with your employees, leadership and departments to develop, implement and evaluate training programs to suite your needs and objectives.

I facilitate the following workshops and seminars

  • The Successful Entrepreneur Blueprint
  • Breaktrhough to Your Destiny
  • The Transformational Leader Framework

I have also other programmes that are ‘customisable’ for the client – ensuring that every client gets specific developed and targeted training depending on their strategic objectives and needs.

I have authored and facilitated the following programmes, which I facilitate myself, or partner with strategic partners to ensure the courses are delivered to the same level of standard and quality.

  • Project Management, Execution and Reporting
  • Providing ‘WOW’ Service to Customers
  • HR as Strategic Partner
  • Effective Performance Management, Implementation and Monitoring
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills

To get details of the course outlines and pricing send an email to:

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