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Success is an art, not a science. You have to want to be successful to achieve success.
~ Morongwa Makakane

Morongwa the Inspirational Speaker

As an inspirational and motivational speaker, my topics revolve around personal change and development. “Your Destiny / My Vision” is the motto around which I work since I firmly believe each of us has a destiny towards our success, for which we must strive. I inspire you to be extraordinary, achieve greatness and be phenomenal. How would you feel if you knew you were living a life of abundance? Wouldn’t you get excitement and satisfaction from knowing your purpose in life, and achieving your goals, and ultimately, achieving that success you so want? You see, life is a journey.

In my message, some of the areas on which I focus, among others, include:

  • Improving your self-awareness and self-knowledge about yourself and your capabilities
  • Improve your self-belief in yourself and adopt a positive attitude
  • Living a purposeful, abundant life, and achieve the success you want

I have developed a model for this and use it in my workshops and keynote addresses. I live by the words, ‘I am, I can, I will’, and I would be honoured if you would come and listen to my life story as I am convinced I have something to bring to your life. Having it all and losing it all, only to start again and building it up all over again is not as easy as it sounds and I gained invaluable experience and lessons, which I now teach my clients. Every positive action starts within YOU – when you believe in yourself, in your abilities, in your strengths and talents, the rest will follow. The human spirit is a mighty force and when you tap into your personal power you will be astounded at the results. I believe you can do extraordinary, you can achieve greatness and you can be phenomenal. I believe in your destiny and I believe in YOU!

  • I present the following keynotes:
  • ‘Breakthrough to Your Destiny’™
  • ‘Take control of your Life’™
  • ‘When is Enough, Enough? Making Personal and Lasting Change’™

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