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Planning without action is futile. Action without planning is fatal ~ Author Unknown

Strategic Planning

Morongwa will help your organisation craft workable and sustainable plans to give you bottom-line results by improving upon your processes, systems and people.

Change Management

Working closely with the change agents and champions in your organisation, Morongwa helps craft and implement winning solutions for your processes, systems and people.

Performance Management

Worked in Maputo, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia and Botswana to implement Change Management, Leadership Facilitation and implementing the Balanced Scorecard

Concentrate on the people

When I consult Business and Government departments, I concentrate on the people within the department. After all, it is the people who make the business. Helping every person recognise their strengths, potential and talent, the entire department benefit, but the individual grows within themselves.


As your consultant

You will find I am goal oriented, a self motivated strategist, talent management and change management expert. I use my experience to help you in your situation and together we find the best solution to your circumstances and situation.

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