When Morongwa speaks…

“I was very thrilled to receive news that you want me to write a testimonial and about what I have learned from you, the event, and your book.

However, I would briefly like to define the term “TESTIMONIAL” as I feel it is profound.

Testimonial: a thing that is given or done to show admiration for somebody or to thank somebody. (Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary).

You’re one woman who when she speaks, I have no choice but to listen and pay attention. Before you left, you came and spoke to me and my friend who is also from Agang Sechaba, well this is what I took home with me, particular on that conversation, you said that as much as we are being helped it is also vital that we help around in our communities and you posed a question saying ” what is it that we do to help others?”

As for your book…it is AMAZING!!!..You’re seriously taking me through a journey and I am loving it, I really needed this. To sum it all up, the events timing was impeccable.

I can achieve the success that I want, when I want, the way I want, it all starts with me!

Thank you, thank you, and may the Wisdom of GOD be continuously bestowed upon you.”