Morongwa on getting back up

“The talk Ms Morongwa shared with us on the 28th of June 2014 was eye opening. Our society has turned debts into a norm. It is said that you need to build a good credit record for you to have a house and other necessities. Well Morongwa’s testimony really opened my eyes that were blinded by what the society has set.

Losing everything cannot be easy. Only the bravest people survive it. Even the strongest men end up committing suicide due to that. When Ms Morongwa shared that she had lost everything she had, I was shocked to see that she was still standing and even better. It showed spiritual strength and courage. It really takes someone with a big heart to do that. Her courage amazes me. She decided to accept her situation, leave everything and go back to the drawing board, build up what she had lost but on a better foundation.

She did it again. She stood on her two feet again, but this time with more experience and knowledge. What I loved the most is that she is not selfish with her experience. She shares it with everyone by writing and talking to others, about where she comes from and how she survived it all. The most important lesson that I have learned throughout her shared experience is HUMBLENESS. If you have a humble heart nothing can break you.”