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WhenisEnough,Enough“When is Enough, Enough/ Ten Things Any Aspiring Entrepreneur Needs to Know to Start and Run a Successful Business”. Here I provide you with the Top Ten “Must Do’s” based on my experiences, from failure to success. When is Enough, Enough? Is a comprehensive collection of widely researched financial and business management advice packaged into one book, customised for the needs of those starting and operating small and medium businesses?

…After many attempts which all resulted in failures, I realised that there is a need for me to acquire knowledge  in order to start and run successful business. During the process of collecting information it so happened that one Saturday afternoon SIBUSISO LEOPE (DJ SBU) invited MORONGWA MAKAKANE  to his Metro FM radio programme and they discussed MORONGWA’s ups and downs in the field of business. The conversation was so inspirational that I acquired a copy of one of MORONGWA’s books “WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH?” to constantly keep myself inspired. The book inspired me so much that I even decided to go back to school to study BUSINESS MANAGEMENT… Rethabile Ntho

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